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Birth Numbers.


Various branches of numerology are used to analyse an individual’s character and personal traits, which can then be used as a guide to understanding and controlling influences that may affect a person’s life.  The first and most important number is the birth number of the individual, which is considered to be representative of the person’s natural characteristics.  It is derived from the figures of the person’s birth date and is called the “Number of Personality”.

A person’s birth date number is unalterable, and therefore holds a fixed position in a person’s life.  It represents the vibratory influences existing at the time of birth.  The extent to which a person’s birth date number may shape the individuals character or govern his life and future, depends on a number of other numerological influences that need to be jointly considered, but more about these later.

Skeptics and those unfamiliar with the science, may argue that in theory two people having the same vibratory birth number would be similar in many respects, or in some ways identical, but it seldom works out so precisely.  Indeed the birth date number simply reveals the individuals inherent traits in relation to other prevailing conditions at that time, which when considered together act as guiding factors rather than ruling forces.

In the primitive societies of bye-gone years where wants were few and purposes lacking, the birth date number may have predominated, but in today’s more scientific and technological age, its importance is generally less, and becomes little more than an underlying trend in relation to higher developments expressed in the more advanced phases of numerological analyses.  However, the birth date number is still of prime importance as the base starting point on which other fields of influence can be analysed.

To find your own vibratory birth number, add the figures of the day, month and year of which you were born together, and reduce it to a primary number.  Example:  today’s date is the 08th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (8+2+2+8  =  20  -  2+0  =  2), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the vibratory number 2.  Use the 9-day forecast given earlier in Part 1, to see how the days correspondences for your birth date number may affect you.


Name numbers.


In numerology everyone has a unique vibratory name number, which is an expression of their developed personality, and is a key to their future ambitions or achievements.  In early life the full given name of the individual is first to be considered.  The name number is derived by translating the letters of the name into numbers using a simple code, and then reducing the resulting number to its primary source, as already described with the birth numbers.  To find your name number use the following code-breaker chart:







































As can be seen each letter of the alphabet has been allocated a number from which your name can be decoded.  As an example, my own name would be translated as:

George Knowles  -  7+5+6+9+7+5 = 39  -  2+5+6+5+3+5+1 = 27

Added together and reduced  -  39+27 = 66  -  6+6 = 12  -  1+2 = 3

Therefore my own name number is 3, which is called the “Number of Development”.


Name number correspondences:

1)      Name number 1 denotes a person filled with vigour and a desire for action, but more suited to meeting immediate situations than planning far ahead.  Such persons should give full time to any work or activity, avoiding anything of a speculative nature.  Even lending their names to long-range projects is a mistake, as persons of this number are generally the ones to be called upon to deliver, and the first to be blamed when they can’t, even though someone else may be at fault.  Persons with name number 1 should take the best that opportunity offers, and stick to it in the confidence that it will open a path to bigger things.  Courage and self-reliance go with name number 1, but it signifies a nature that is more imitative than creative.  These people often make money, but are apt to spend it just as freely.  They should avoid making hasty decisions under the urge or excitement of the moment. 

2)      Name number 2 reflects a quiet power of judgment.  It marks a person as a good planner, or advisor, but without the power to execute.  Anyone with this name number should seek associates who can carry out his/her plans in a helpful and proper way.  The judgment represented by name number 2 should be used in choosing such associates.  Never should the choice be governed by sentiment, as indulgence toward others is a fault of name number 2.  Number 2 also shows a changeable disposition that can become emotional and restless to the point of complete uncertainty or outright fanaticism.  The best advice for persons with name number 2 is to avoid all worry over small matters or minor actions.  They should make the most of their agreeable, friendly influences and never indulge in arguments.  With the right friends and associates, they will go far.  Otherwise their spirit of fair play will shift to the opposite extreme of spite, bringing misery to themselves and others. 

3)      Name number 3 shows ability in many areas, plus confidence that adds to competence.  Given a right start anyone with this name number should go a long way, but this name number also shows impatience with small or trivial things.  A new job or quick promotion may lure such a person away from the less attractive path that leads to opportunity, where long-range planning is concerned.  Arts, sciences, sports and anything involving quick thinking or intuition are all natural outlets for people with the name number 3.  If they accept advice or exercise good judgment in choosing a career or calling, they may soon find themselves on a path to fame or fortune. 

4)      Name number 4 signifies success in scientific and mechanical fields, particularly within growing industries.  It stands for steadiness and stability; therefore people with this name number should cultivate these qualities.  Number 4 people often gain friends through their dependability, and their honest constant effort will bring them high recognition the longer they stay with it.  Any lack of brilliance number 4 people may have, is offset by their strengths and powers of endurance.  They are seldom temperamental and are extremely good people to have around in emergences, as they tend to treat difficult situations in a normal easy manner.  Number 4 people are best advised to keep plugging, learning new skills all the time.  Above all they should never underestimate their own importance, for their strong qualities are always in demand. 

5)      Name number 5 shows independence of thought as well as action.  It reveals a preference of learning from actual experience, rather than from the advice of others.  This may mean setbacks and even misfortune, but people with name number five recuperate quickly and usually make up their losses.  By curbing their restless trend and getting down to steady work, such people can increase their chances of success.  Their name number vibrates with the spirit of adventure, without which they may feel lost.  But if they can apply a bit of dash to their work, so that their jobs and surroundings become dramatic with a promise of the unexpected, they may gain real results.  However it is hard to pin them down for name number 5 also denotes the speculator as well as the adventurer.  This influence has often been a lucky star for those who heed its glint, but likewise it can be unpredictable, so they should not tax their luck too far, or too often. 

6)      Name number 6 promises success in all undertaking, provided they are conducted in a way that creates confidence.  People with name number 6 have a way of attracting followers as well as customers.  They can become important to their community, as they are usually popular both socially and politically, but to achieve such aims, they must live up to their reputations.  People with name number 5 never have to be to radical in their methods, but whatever they promise, they need to be ready and able to fulfill.  They will find that their friends and the public take their word as their bond, due to the subtle impression that this name number conveys.  They will find that integrity is more productive than ambition and that honest effort will bring its own rewards.  Using kindly action, these people will attain their goals without the need or desire for immediate gain.  They should remember that such results are cumulative, and from them they can go on to greater things. 

7)      Name number 7 has grand possibilities, as people with this name number can bend their natural talents to the arts, science and philosophy, often reaching greatness in their own fields.  They may rise to great heights, but should be mindful that their success will depend upon quiet planning and often require deep meditation.  Gloomy thoughts and impractical dreaming are weaknesses of name number 7, therefore such people should devote their effort to purposes they are likely to attain, and from where they can often go beyond all normal expectations by turning their intuition and imagination to greater advantage.  People with this name number can become leaders and teacher of high esteem, for they possess a deep understanding of others and inspire their loyalty. 

8)      Name number 8 indicates success in many fields, as people with this name number thrive on progress and activity.  Others expect great results from people with this name number.  People with this name number should constantly build for bigger things, but always with good materials.  When they have achieved a goal, they should ever continue on to the next, for with them easing up means slipping back.  Often they can pick up old or neglected businesses and turn them around to advantage and profit, but they should first make sure that the opportunity is there to do so.  A weakness of this number lies in petty jealousies, wasted time and efforts, and indulgences in small matters when big opportunities are available for the taking.  If these people think big and act big, they will be big. 

9)      Name number 9 should apply themselves to high and honourable achievements, bringing out the best of their natural traits and talents.  Such people must avoid drudgery and drab surroundings, as these things will stifle the ambition that this name number represents.  People of this name number often influence others and guide them, which they generally do well.  They must constantly be fair-minded and live up to the ideals that they express.  They should never resort to petty tactics or behave out of character.  Once they do, their whole strength is lost and with it the confidence and respect they have created.  As this name number symbolises power, those who have it should never demand more than their share.  Pride, arrogance and self-interest are the pitfalls of this number.  Understanding others, recognizing their merits and desires is important to anyone with this name number, for with it they will truly express the universal influences it represents.

Name Changes


As life progresses a person’s full given name may be substituted by another name, for instance:  marriage names, pseudonyms or Craft initiate names.  If a name is changed and the new name continues to be used regularly, then the new name should be used for any subsequent analysis, for its importance increases in terms of the individual’s career path.

There is however much disagreement amongst numerologists when it comes to name changes.  Some assert we should always use the names we were given at birth, specifically the name that appears on our birth certificates, as such it represents and foretells our inherent destinies; therefore it would be inappropriate to use married names or pseudonyms.   

Since our personalities are almost entirely formed by the time we are five years old, reason dictates that our birth and family names (maiden name) represents our true nature.  However, women have changed their names for centuries particularly when meeting their future spouses.  When this happens, the proximity and depth of commitment they share with them is bound to have a profound influence on their future lives.  It is only natural therefore that their personalities will slowly evolve and grow, and take on characteristics of their new name.  The general consensus seems to be that we should always use our birth (and maiden) names first, and then take a second analysis of the new name.  This is called the “Number of Attainment”.   

Other facts pertaining to birth and name number have been stressed by many numerologists and are worthy of note.  When the birth number is higher than the name number, a person is likely to follow their basic trends and therefore may meet with difficulties in developing the features of their name or its expressed vibration.   

In contrast if the name number is higher that the birth number, the ambitions or purposes expressed by the name number have a strong tendency to dominate, so that so that the natural traits and tendencies of the individual are directed toward circumstances of their own choice.  Their tendencies therefore will be to establish conditions rather than to be governed by them.   

Anyone having the same birth and same name number is likely to develop an even, harmonious disposition, one capable of taking all things in easy stride, but this is not especially desirable.  Such balance is seldom found in the birth and name numbers of famous personages; hence the net result of such an harmonious number may lead to comparative obscurity???

Harmonizing daily life numbers  

Many people are convinced they have good and bad days.  Accordingly they may wish to determine any advantages or disadvantages that may be gleaned from harmonizing the number influence of a particular day (as described in Part 1), against their own personal numbers of influence.

Each day has it’s own governing vibratory number, as witnessed by the influence of such a number on the birth date of the individual.  However the individual can attune himself to each day, or even special and specific days, by choosing a course of action better suited for that day’s condition.

Through this simple formula it is possible to form a composite number showing the extent to which the individuals personal numbers can be harmonize with any given day number:

Take the persons birth number i.e. 07th February 2008  -  7+2+2+8  =  19  -  1+9  =  10  -  1+0  =  1.

Take the persons name number i.e. George Knowles  -  7+5+6+9+7+5 = 39  -  2+5+6+5+3+5+1 = 27  Added together and reduced  -  39+27 = 66  -  6+6 = 12  -  1+2 = 3.

Take the number of the day itself, today’s date for example is the 11th February 2008  -  1+1+2+2+8  =  14  -  1+4  =  5.

Add each of the numbers together and reduce if necessary  -  1+3+5 = 9.  

Having combined the two most important personal numbers with that of the desired day number, we can now consider the harmonized results (in this case number 9) in the following correspondence table:


1)      Today is a day for direct action with a single purpose.  The time for attack upon any problem which must be settled as immediately and effectually as possible.  A good time to seek advice or start something new, provided it is for a practical nature.  Contracts, legal matters and business propositions can be handled effectively during this period, but only if a simple plan or prompt decision is feasible.  Nothing complex or evasive should be considered on a day that shows this vibratory combination.  It stands for opportunity.

2)      Today is a day for planning, for weighing problems and for making a decision, though it should not ordinarily be put into immediate action.  In harmonizing today’s numbers, they have produce negative aspects and anyone who tries to meet difficulties head on will be swayed by indecision.  This is a day of contrast, which may start badly and end well, or vice versa.  It teems with contrasts so that good results are often offset by disappointments.  It is better therefore to sit back and let others carry the ball or wear themselves out on such a day.  It maybe their day, but it is certainly not yours, except to the extent that you can work out things calmly and to your own satisfaction.

3)      Today is a day that offers varied action, when many things can be accomplished.  Business can be combined with recreation under these vibratory conditions.  Various projects can be started, work allocated, and cooperation gained.  It is not a time to be concentrating on a single purpose, to do so may mean neglecting others.  Troublesome tasks come easily on such a day, often problems can be ended by quick friendly decisions.  It is a good day for meeting people, for travel, and most of all for fun.

4)      Today is a day for handling routine matters and finishing up small in a methodical way.  No time for a trip to the racetrack, it would be better to stay home and concentrate on do-it-yourself projects.  Similarly, visits to the golf course or bowling alley may give you up’s and downs where there respective scores are concerned.  Anyone trying to enjoy them selves under this vibratory condition will often begin to worry about the practical things he should be doing instead.  A hard persistent worker likes this type of day.  Others find it dull, so when there are unpleasant things to do, this is the time.  But nothing very important should be attempted and all speculation should be avoided.

5)      Today is a day to expect the unexpected.  It teems with vigour, excitement and adventure, but don’t get overeager with wild ideas as they can backfire under these conditions.  In taking risks, make sure they have some merit, for all other things being equal, they are apt to swing to a persons advantage at this time.  New projects or travel may beckon, but make sure such things have some purpose, not just the desire to sever old connections or to be free and footloose.  To avoid unnecessary chances is often doubly wise, because this is a day when things may come to you, such as long-hoped-for-for success, or any results that are overdue.  If you must take a chance, be sure the goal is worth it.

6)      Today is a day for good will and understanding.  Ease, comfort and harmony combine in this vibration.  This is not a day for quick or direct action.  It is not suited for a new enterprise, excitement, or for accepting a new challenge.  This is a day for establishment, a time for business conferences, social meetings, consideration of friends and families, and furthering diplomatic missions, provided none of these involve conflict.  That is the important thing to avoid, as uncertainty can be ruinous and risk deadly.  This is a day of culmination, but only of those things that have been long and properly planned.

7)      Today is a day for meditation upon the deeper meanings of life.  Good for study, research, inventive effort and application toward higher or artistic subjects.  Worry, moodiness or morbid thoughts should be avoided at such a time, but these cannot be banished through merely superficial action.  This is a day to think things out, to plan affairs that have already been decided upon but need further consideration, a good to seek advice or to consult with persons whose opinions are truly worthwhile.  Strange things can happen on a day like this, for the combined numbers add up to mystery.  So hunches can be played if they pertain to more important things.  This is a lucky day.

8)      Today is a day for big things.  Under this vibration broad sweeping action may bring results.  Complex problems can be handled and solved as readily as simple ones.  Indeed it may be a waste of time to deal with small or inconsequential matters unless they are stumbling blocks to something bigger.  In that case the small can be swept along with the large.  This number is in tune with finances, it is suited to solid investment, company mergers and the launching of advertising campaigns.  Anything pertaining to constructive effort is at its best, and the larger the undertaking the better.

9)      Today is a day that promises grand achievement.  Don’t depend on it however, as often the vibratory combination is greater than any opportunity at hand.  It is a good time to present attractive propositions, to announce important plans or make strong contacts.  Today promises personal triumph or the attainment of personal ambitions often in artistic or competitive fields rather than in commercial undertakings, although the latter may also benefit.  Aim for the biggest things in sight.

Continued in Part 3


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Best wishes and Blessed Be


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