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Numerology is one of the earliest forms of the psychic sciences.  Since time began numbers have been used in language, indeed primitive man communicated all his wants in terms of numbers.  Later the ancients devised alphabets, letters with numerical values based on special significances.  Every number has a specific vibrational power, which cannot be expressed by the figure or symbol used to denote its quantitative use.  A numbers vibrational power lies in the occult connections existing between the relationships of things corresponding with principles inherent in the forces of nature for which they are expressions.

Without delving into intricate explanations of cabalistic cosmology and esoteric doctrines, it is easier to use a simplified numerical and alphabetical code based on the theories established by the disciples of Pythagoras, the ancient Greek mathematician and mystic from 569 BC.  Pythagoras is considered the father of numerology, and attributed to him is the saying:  “The whole world is built upon the power of numbers”.  Pythagoras and his disciples reduced many of the universal principles into a set of simple primary numbers “1 – 9” inclusive, from which all other numbers can be derived.



Pythagoras     -      Cornelius Agrippa

The significances of these 1 – 9 primary numbers were later detailed in:  De Occulta Philosophia (The Occult Philosophy) of Cornelius Agrippa (first published in 1531), in which he listed them as possessing the following correspondences:

  1. Number one is the number of purpose, evidenced by aggression, action and ambition, all beginning with the letter “A”, the first letter alphabet.  Its aim is to acquire fame or to rule by night.
  2. Number two is the number of antithesis, with such extremes as day and night.  It stands for balance as well as contrast, and maintains its equilibrium through an admixture of positive and negative qualities.
  3. Number three is the number of versatility, as symbolised by the triangle, which represents the past, present and future.  It combines talent with gaiety, making it the most adaptable of numbers.
  4. Number four is the number for steadiness and endurance.  The square, the points of the compass, the seasons of the year, and the ancient elements of earth, air, fire and water represent its solidity.  It is the most primitive of numbers.
  5. Number five is a number that symbolises adventure, that which is attained through travel and experience.  Its lack of stability may produce uncertainty, but it is the keystone of the group and therefore is the luckiest though most unpredictable of numbers.
  6. Number six is the number of dependability.  It is in harmony with nature, representing the six colours of the rainbow.  It is the perfect number, being divisible both by 2, an even number and 3,an odd number, thus combining the basic elements of each.
  7. Number seven is a number that symbolises mystery, with study and knowledge as its ways of exploring the unknown and the unseen.  It represents the seven planets, the seven days of the week and the seven music notes of the scale.  It combines the unity of 1 with the perfection of 6 to form symmetry of its own, making it the truly psychic number.
  8. Number eight is the number of masterful success.  It stands for solidity carried to completion, as represented by a double square.  When halved, its parts are equal “4 + 4”, and when halved again its parts are still equal “2 + 2 and 2 + 2”, showing a fourfold balance.
  9. Number nine is the number of universal achievement, and the greatest of all the primary numbers.  It combines features of the entire group, making it the controlling factor if developed to the full.  As 3 times the number 3, number nine turns versatility into inspiration.

Reducing Numbers

Various methods have been devised to reduce large numbers to their basic prime vibratory numbers.  The easiest and most popular method is simply to add all the figures of a number together, if that number totals 10 or more, simply repeat the process until a primary number 1 – 9 is obtained:

Example:   the number 123 added together as:  1+2+3 = 6.  Thus number 6 is the primary vibratory number for 123.

Example:  the number 456 added together as:  4+5+6 = 15 added again as:  1+5 = 6.  Thus number 6 is also the primary vibratory number for 456.

Aside from the above 9 primary numbers, under the Pythagorean system some higher numbers were also given special interpretations and referred to as Master numbers, these are numbers:  11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77, 88, and 99.  Master numbers operate at a much higher vibration than their primary numbers 1 – 9, and therefore work to increase the properties of their single-digit reduction.

Number 11 in the normal way reduces to number 2, which is both a symbol of balance and contrast, making it changeable one way or the other.  However when number 11 appears, the base vibratory influences of number 2 become empowered and the correspondences for number 11 becomes a controlling factor in deciding its fluctuating nature.

The Number Eleven represents spiritual truth and communication.  People influenced by number 11 are often highly intuitive and have a great message to share with the world.  However, they may never be heard unless they can overcome their impulsive tendencies to blame others for their faults.

Similarly the number 22 in reducing to number 4 superimposes a strong though eccentric activity upon its steady base of endurance, thus changing the accepted standards of routine commonly found in the number 4.  Put in another way the number 22 contains elements that are not normally assimilated by number 4 while maintaining its general function.

The number 22 represents the builder.  People influenced by the number 22 desire to leave something grand and everlasting behind them, and which they hope will remain long after they have gone.  They have an amazing ability to turn dreams into reality, but can be very sensitive and fall victim to the demands placed upon them by others, thus they become generally overwhelmed and can fail to complete their dream.

Date Numbers

In numerology the chief concern of date numbers is in terms of the individual, how such dates can affect the individual, and how the individual can use such date numbers to best advantage.  Date numbers can be reduced to their vibratory prime numbers using the same method as above, simply by adding the day, to the month, to the year.  The following is a numerology forecast for 9 days, showing how to reduce the date to its primary number, with the daily correspondences for each of the 1 – 9 numbers as they occur:

07th February 2008

Today’s date is the 07th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (7+2+2+8  =  19  -  1+9  =  10  -  1+0  =  1), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 1.

What it signifies:

People born under the number 1 show a driving strong-willed nature that must be centered in a positive goal.  People of this type dislike complexities and should avoid them, otherwise their efforts will be scattered and their path strewn with pitfalls.  This number is a good one to have, but their ambitions must be pointed in the right direction, or they may soar too high and fall low of expectation, leading to ultimate disaster.

Once having set a right course, a person with the birth number 1 should follow it, even if grander aims and possible ambitions must be sacrificed.  They should never change course or try to jump to far ahead, as persons with this number can rise to new and greater attainments only in a direct and progressive fashion.

Since number 1 is the symbol of ego, such persons can become both selfish and self-willed.  So they should be careful not to let their own interest’s conflict with those of others, or they could lose friends and make enemies instead.  Forceful and untiring, number 1 as a birth number promises much, if well controlled and directed into channels that offer development.

08th February 2008

Today’s date is the 08th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (8+2+2+8  =  20  -  2+0  =  2), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 2.

What it signifies: 

People born on this date generally have a kindly, tactful nature, but are given to gloomy as well as happy mood swings.  This is due to a desire for balance inherent in all they wish to accomplish.  People with 2 as a birth number often recognise both sides of a question to such a degree that they shift back and forth, never reaching a true or satisfactory decision. 

This drives them to extremes, in false hopes of equalizing matters.  Consequently they exaggerate things and argue against themselves.  The very sense of judgment that enables them to give good advise to friends, prevents them from making up their own minds regarding their own affairs.  Sometimes they may do better to be wrong than right, if only for the satisfaction of coming to a quick decision.

People with the birth number 2 should accept conditions as they are and try to adjust themselves to such conditions, rather than attempt to shape those conditions to their own desires.  They should avoid extremes and any indecision.  Their greatest fault is over-generosity.  They should give the same thought to themselves that they give to others.

09th February 2008

Today’s date is the 09th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (9+2+2+8 = 21  -  2+1 = 3), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 3.

What it signifies:

As a birth number, the number 3 is one of the quickest to disclose its traits.  People born under this number show a keen and intuitive mind, and have the ability to learn things quickly, often at an early age.  Many persons with this birth number are highly talented, but fail to use their ability to advantage.  Being adaptable and capable in many ways, they are apt to give up their best prospects for something easier or more immediately profitable. 

People with this birth number are often so free from worry that they fail to take life seriously.  They like pleasant surroundings, interesting people and good fun, leading to a tendency to think only of the present and letting the future take care of itself.  Their problem is to make the most of things that they have started, rather than let other people reap the profit of their original ideas.

People with this number show an aptitude for doing the right thing at the right time, so they plan to make the most of every opportunity, avoiding the neglect that could later lead to regret.

10th February 2008

Today’s date is the 10th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (1+2+2+8  =  13  -  1+3  =  4), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 4.

What it signifies:

People with number 4 as their birth number generally show a steady plodding nature, which favours caution rather than risk.  While people with this number may be able to grasp new ideas quickly, they usually prefer to study them out first.  To get a thing right first-time and without risk is of prime importance to anyone with their solid way of thinking.

Honesty and reliability are the normal attributes to those with this birth number, but that hinges on the security they gain from patience and perseverance.  If frustrated, people with the number 4 can change from having a plodding nature to becoming schemers.  Reduced to small opportunities, a person with this number may also begin to think in small terms too.  In such cases the number 4 becomes a symbol of poverty and defeat.

However, given today’s modern demand for technicians, researchers and specialists of all kinds, people with this birth number with their plodding natures, make ideal candidates for the exacting duties demanded from them.  Therefore people with the birth number 4 have a firm foundation on which to acquire and develop those abilities required to fill such positions.

11th February 2008

Today’s date is the 11th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (1+1+2+2+8  =  14  -  1+4  =  5), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 5.

What it signifies:

People born under the influence of number 5 tend to be enthusiastic, adventurous in nature, and have a flare for the unusual.  They are capable in many ways and are quick to accept new ideas.  Often they are fond of travel and feel at home anywhere, even in foreign lands.  As a result, some can be quick at learning languages.

Such people do not care for routine duties, and are apt to do the unexpected on the impulse of the moment.  If they get into difficulties, they can be inventive and clever at finding ways out of trouble.  They are versatile and vivacious, and have a genuine interest in people, which earn them many friends.

Their love of change may cause them to overlook real opportunities, not through neglect, but simply because they fail to recognise immediate possibilities.  They are always looking ahead for something else, rather than being happy with what they already have.

12th February 2008

Today’s date is the 12th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (1+2+2+2+8  =  15  -  1+5  =  6), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 6.

What it signifies:

As a date number, the number six is unsurpassed.  People born under this number are usually honest, sincere and reliable.  They are also progressive, while being anxious to establish themselves and gain respect.  Consequently they tend to be tolerant in nature and eager to promote harmony among their friends, thus improving conditions around themselves.

People of this type are generally cheerful, optimistic and fond of the finer things of life, with which they are usually willing to share.  They are often called upon to fill positions of trust, and in such capacities they normally fulfill expectations and more.  If they do not reach fame, it is often because they become satisfied with what they already have, and so do not need to push on for higher achievements or ambitions.

Their main danger is complacency and self-satisfaction.  Being impartial they may set themselves up as judges, but may be swayed by false ideals.  Such superiority lessens their natural inclination to sympathy and can make them seem hypocritical.

13th February 2008

Today’s date is the 13th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (1+3+2+2+8  =  16  -  1+6  =  7), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 7.

What it signifies:

As a birth number, the number 7 denotes a scholarly, poetic nature, often inclined toward the fanciful, though people with this number are analytical as well.  Intuition is a strong part of their nature and many such persons are highly imaginative.  They are naturally fond of the mysterious and as a result may become moody and depressed. 

Solitude often inspires these people, but obscurity disheartens them, for they are apt to blame the world rather than themselves for their failure to gain prominence.  This draws them into deeper despondency, to the point where they may refuse to mingle in the ordinary affairs of like.  Though capable of solving intricate problems, they seldom really understand themselves.

Composer, musicians, students, philosophers and mystics are nurtured by the number 7, and often seek solace in such pursuits.  To be happy however, they need to become a part of this world rather than seeking to be completely out of it.

14th February 2008

Today’s date is the 14th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (1+4+2+2+8  =  17  -  1+7  =  8), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 8.

What it signifies:

Number 8 as your birth number indicates a worker, a person in business, a steady builder.  This person can go far in the intricate world of commercial and industrial development.  The number 8 symbolizes a person who puts plans into action, executes them, completes them, and moves on to something even bigger.

A person under the influence of number 8 has a strong and forceful personality, one who demands and gets the most out of people, which makes him a leader.  Opposition does not faze this person; instead it galvanizes them on to greater efforts.  People in the past with the birth number 8 have embarked on great military and political careers, were executive ability was needed outside of the business world.

In social life, people under the influence of number 8, are apt to judge their friends by their wealth and success, by which they set their own standards.  The more costly a thing may be, particularly if a neighbour has it, the more they will want it.  They can be ruthless with rivals and subordinates in their quest for power, but at the same time will carry others on their path to success.  It is wise therefore to get on with people with the number 8 as their birth number, if you can find them.

15th February 2008

Today’s date is the 15th February 2008, which in numerology terms equates with:  (1+5+2+2+8  =  18  -  1+8  =  9), meaning that today’s date is influenced by the number 9.

What it signifies:

As a birth number, number 9 combines influence with intellect, and indicates a person with a powerful personality capable of high development.  Number 9 shows the possibility of success, but through artistic ability or other creative channels, rather than the mundane fields of commerce and industry.

People with number 9 as their birth number often have a magnetic personality, which they should use in a practical way.  If they manage to do this, their success could have no boundaries.  Their problem though is to recognise their own talents and over value their abilities by setting impossible goals, or choose the wrong course or path to maximise it.

Art, music, skill and inventive ability are all found in people with number 9 as a birth number.  These people are only limited by their own capabilities and desires, the two factors they need to finely tune and blend.  By refining their talents and setting achievable goals, they could in time reach for the stars, and have every chance of getting there.

Continued in Part 2

Part 1  /  Part 2  Part 3

Best wishes and Blessed Be


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