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The Magic of Rocks and Stones


Written and compiled by - Patricia Jean Martin

As we prepare to celebrate and welcome the return of the blessed Sun - meet the most brilliant of the royal Fire Stones ~ the Diamond.

In recognition and celebration of the Sun’s rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere, and for added light, strength and protection as the Sun slowly begins to slip away from those south of the Equator, the diamond is a most appropriate stone!  But in either hemisphere and no matter what the time of year actually, this much sought-after crystalline gemstone can aid us in a multitude of ways.  I have chosen it for Yule, though, because it is an extremely durable Solar stone that has long been associated with the Sun and which carries a strong projective energy that bestows strength, vitality and stability - something we can all use at this time of year. 

Chemically, the diamond is an isometric crystal made up of pure carbon. A fun comparison of the two basic structures of this element are surprisingly found in two near-opposite forms that yet share the same chemistry:  Diamond and Graphite.  Where Graphite is opaque and usually dark, Diamond is transparent and usually light or colorless.  Where Graphite is dull and lackluster, Diamond is brilliant and highly refractive.  Where Graphite makes a good lubricant, Diamond makes an excellent abrasive.  While Graphite conducts electricity, Diamond is an electrical insulator but poor conductor.  And as Graphite is one of the softest stones (the writing material commonly found in pencils), Diamond registers the highest (a perfect 10) on the Mohs Scale, making it the hardest substance known to man; a diamond can only be scratched or cut by the use of another diamond.  For this reason alone, this near invincible crystal has symbolically become known as the epitome of strength.  In fact, Diamond's name originates from the Greek word "adamas" meaning "invincible" or "unconquerable".  Here we see Diamond's association with stamina, endurance and longevity, and we can use this stone to help create or enhance all of those hearty traits within ourselves. 

Diamond crystals form most often in the shape of octahedrons within alluvial deposits and plutonic rock, and only after many, many years of intense pressure and heat.  Some specimens are known to be as old as 3 billion years.  These amazing crystals, first discovered in India a little over 2,000 years ago, are actually quite abundant within the Earth, but some take a remarkable voyage within their lifetime in order to reach Earth's surface.  They originate some 300 miles beneath the surface and their crystals are transported upward via cylindrical rock plug formations known as "pipes", usually made of Kimberlite.  The most notable locations today for finding diamonds are:  Australia, South Africa, Russia (Siberia), Canada, U.S. (Arkansas), India, China and Brazil.  The stone's color is most often clear or white, but can be found in light yellows, browns (often called "champagne"), blues and even reds depending on other included trace minerals.  Oddly, the colored diamonds hold more monetary value today.  Some famous diamonds include:  the Hope Diamond (a blue diamond now on display in Washington D.C.'s Smithsonian Institute), the Koh-i-Noor Diamond (a clear diamond which was placed into the British Crown in 1877 and, according to an ancient Hindu text:  "He who owns this diamond will own the world, but will also know all its misfortunes.  Only God, or a woman, can wear it with impunity."  Good thing it rests with Queen Elizabeth!), and the Eureka and Star of South Africa (a champagne and clear diamond, respectively, both originally found in South Africa, the latter of which started the intense diamond mining there). 

But it is the colorless diamond that, to me, holds the most brilliant and useful prismatic display of color, bursting forth like the Sun.  Diamond's characteristic crystal clear appearance gives a clue to its added associations with purity, love and spirituality, making it a most useful road map to our Highest Self.  And yes, while any diamonds can reinforce and more perfectly align all of the body's Chakras, the clear varieties are exquisitely well-suited for helping to open our Crown and Brow (Third Eye) Chakras - the places where we can best connect and commune with Deity and the Higher Self.  These Chakras are the Houses of the Holy...the way and means to the Divine...and the diamond - especially when placed on or near the forehead or crown - is the perfect stone for accessing and utilizing the knowledge and wisdom contained there.  With Diamond's inner light acting as a prism and containing an extremely high frequency, it becomes a bridge for us to take - a bridge between the physical and the spiritual.  In addition, Diamond will enhance our clairvoyance, intuition and meditations, and be that all -important stimulant of unconditional love towards each other and ourselves.  It is said to promote the Buddha or Christ consciousness and a pathway to enlightenment.

Among all the stones that our world's fancy holds precious, the diamond stands preeminent.  The diamonds that gleamed with such fire in an idol's eye before the rising of the Star of Bethlehem may be sparkling today with more dazzling radiance in the crown of an emperor.

J. Willard Hershey, The Book of Diamonds

Kings and Queens and other royal elite knew of and highly prized diamonds for all of their valuable gifts to mind, body and spirit, along with the added perk of being a way to strut their wealth and exhibit the extent of their aristocratic status.  Since it was a common practice and looked upon as the duty of Kings and Queens to be able to act as an instrument and intermediary between their subjects and the Divine, diamonds (and other lofty precious gems) were often placed in their Crown’s (instinctively near the Crown Chakra) to enhance their inner vision, intuition, clarity of mind, and to be the swiftest way for them to commune with and bring forth fortuitous information from Higher Spirit.  In this same capacity, we can use the diamond to invoke a greater sense and acknowledgement of our own majestic Spirit and regal gifts.  It will also clarify the path to our current incarnation's life mission. 

Throughout the ages, diamonds have been treasured for their beauty and metaphysical properties by more than just the royals, but were often worn in merely a polished state.  It was only later, after man began to facet gemstones, that the diamond's brilliant fire was discovered and its value increased.  But whether simply polished or brilliantly faceted, mankind has revered this precious gem for more than one very good reason.  Hindus believed that a diamond would protect its owner from evil spirits, snakes, poison, danger and illness.  In ancient India these crystals were worn to ensure victory in battles, and in ancient Rome they were set into steel rings and used for strength, bravery and courage.  These are but two of the many sets of qualities that diamonds are also used for today.  Along with those qualities, though, Diamond promotes truth, purity, fidelity, longevity, harmony, abundance and love.  It is no surprise that the diamond became the stone most commonly set into engagement and marriage rings. 

This King of gemstones also exudes a passionate prowess, enhancing self-confidence with the opposite sex.  In Greek myth, diamonds were thought to be cast off particles of the stars and thus can make us starry eyed.  Cupid's arrow is said to be tipped with diamonds, and so obviously is forceful in all aspects of love.  This libidinous Stag Stone releases inhibitions or blockages in sexual behavior (which may be the first reason why men are more willing to purchase this expensive stone for their intended spouses (heheheh), and has been known to be able to help reconcile feuding lovers.  (No surprise there, eh girls?..bahahaha).  But seriously, this extremely powerful and versatile gem can surely turn up the heat!  As a heat conductor, Diamonds are unparalleled - working five times better than their nearest competitor, Silver.  Metaphysically, they can warm us and bring us closer to the much sought-after facets of abundant love and passion. 

“O Diamond! Diamond! thou little knowest the mischief done!”

Isaac Newton (1642–1727)

Though not truly rare, only about 20% of diamonds found are of gemstone quality.  The balance of what is mined is used in industry for making tools and dies or crushed for use as an abrasive powder.  Also, as with any popular gemstone, the more available it is, the less worth it holds financially; so today's world supply of diamonds is strictly controlled in order to keep their value high.  If all the diamonds that exist in the world were made available, they would be as common as any other semi-precious stone and reasonably priced.  This pseudo-rare gem is April's birthstone and is associated with the astrological sign of Aries. 

In healing, diamonds are metaphysically known to help purify the body through detoxification.  They assist by increasing healthy function of the brain in both cell and bone, and can clear vertigo, anxiety and depression.  Diamond is also good for increasing fertility. 

In magick, the wearing or use of diamonds can help you achieve fame and fortune in whatever area of life you desire.  Diamonds can be used in love and enhancement rituals, prosperity spells to manifest any form of abundance, and to facilitate our invocation and communion with our Guides, Guardians, Angels, Faeries and, of course, Deity.  They can be used to purify sacred space, and to amplify energy during the raising of the cone of power.  Cleanse your diamonds frequently, for they are quick to absorb any negative vibrations around you.  A nice smudge of Sage or a day in the sun will do the trick. 

Diamonds are well known for their ability to produce a ring of protection around its wearer.  Let them protect us as we traverse Winter's cold and unforgiving landscape.  In their fire and heat capacity, let them stoke our passions and revive our relationships.  And in their freely offered gifts of will and courage, let them help us brave those inner journeys that Winter is sure to invoke.  As a strong "as above, so below" stone, let us use Diamond to help manifest our inner most sacred dreams.  And in this royal stone's mighty ability for restoring vitality and enriching life-force energies, let the brilliant fire of Diamond, alongside your candles, hold strong vigil throughout the longest night of the year as we await and get ready to celebrate the return of the Sun Child!


The Illustrated Directory of Healing Crystals  by Cassandra Eason

The Book of Stones:  Who They Are & What They Teach by Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

Diamond, itself.

© 2006 Patricia J. Martin

Best wishes and Blessed Be


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