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Pagan Pioneers:  Founders, Elders, Leaders and Others


Gavin and Yvonne Frost



Written and compiled by George Knowles

After the old English Witchcraft Act of 1735 was repealed in 1951, a new and contemporary movement of witchcraft in various forms and traditions began to emerge and spread throughout the U.K. instigated by the likes of Gerald B. Gardner (Gardnerian), Alex Sanders (Alexandrian) and Robert Cochrane (Clan of Tubal Cain).  In 1962, Raymond Buckland an Englishman living in America and a protégé of Gerald B. Gardner, exported the Gardnerian tradition to America and formed the first Gardnerian coven in New York in 1963.  

At about the same time other prominent leaders began to write about and form their own traditions, such as:  Frederick McLaren Adams and “Feraferia”, Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and the “Church of All Worlds”, Victor & Cora Anderson and “The Feri Tradition”, and Joseph B. Wilson, Edward Fitch and others who created the “The Pagan Way”, a non-initiatory Wiccan tradition.  Since then contemporary Wicca/Witchcraft spread quickly around the United States.

Two of America’s most enduring leaders emerged in the early 1970’s.  “Gavin and Yvonne Frost” are openly professed Witches, authors of more than 22 books and monographs including the best selling:  The Witch’s Bible” (Nash Publishing, Los Angeles 1972) rewritten as the “The Good Witch's Bible” (Parker Publishing, New Jersey 1976), and Co-founders of the first legally recognized School and Church of Wicca in America. 

Gavin Frost

Gavin Frost was born on the 20th November 1930 in Aldridge Frost , England, where his hard-drinking Welsh grandfather had built the family’s galvanizing and canning business.  On a wooded ridge just outside of Aldridge he also built a home for each of his children where they all lived together in a tight-knit family group, helping and working together in the family business.  After his grandfather passed away in 1936, Gavin was enrolled in a boarding school to start his education.  Holidays were spent in Wales, a part of England steeped in mythology, folklore and witchcraft, and it was here that Gavin’s interest in ancient religion began. 

During the war years 1939–45, the family canning business thrived, supplying much needed canned rations to aid the war effort.  Granny’s kitchen garden also helped to stave off the privation caused by food rationing, by canning and storing foods to help them through difficult times and shortages. 

At school Gavin excelled in maths and physics, and in 1949 enrolled into King’s College at the University of London to further his studies.  There he joined an informal group under the influence of T. C. Lethbridge, the author of “Witches:  Investigating an Ancient Religion” (Routledge & Kegan Paul, London 1962), a laboratory assistant at the time, Lethbridge was interested in Magick, the Occult and Sacred Stone sites.  In 1951 after the witchcraft act had finally been repealed, the group decided to seek initiation.  They sought the help of a previous student of the university, now a pursuivant to the Duke of Norfolk, the heraldic head of England, who had joined a coven in Penzance.  After receiving instruction the initiation was carried out at the stone circle site in Boskednan, Cornwall.  As part of the initiation ritual, initiates received a mark cut into their wrists.

Boskednan Stone Circle in Cornwall


Also known as the Nine Maidens, the circle was mostly in ruins until the authorities under took its restoration in the summer of 2004.  It’s isolated location on desolate moorland make it very attractive.  There were probably twenty-two stones making up the original circle, but only six are still erect and most of those in the north are missing.  They average about 1.2m (4 feet) in height, although the broken one at the north was over six feet when it was standing.


Boskednan Stone Circle in Cornwall


The circle was restored after recent renovation work during the summer of 2004.

In 1952, Gavin graduated from King’s College London with honors, gaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics, and after completing his post doctoral thesis with the Department of Atomic Energy in Cumbria, he received a Doctorate in Physics & Mathematics which launched him into a long and successful career in the aerospace industry.  While in Cumbria, Gavin met and fell in love with Dorothy Whitford and together they moved to Hatfield near London where Gavin had taken up a research position with the de Havilland Aircraft Corporation.  Gavin and Dorothy were married in January 1953. 

Gavin’s research for de Havilland involved investigating the effects of long wave infrared radiation on missiles.  As much of the missile testing took place at night on Salisbury Plain, this left him time during the day to investigate the ancient monoliths of Stonehenge and the people who built them, furthering his interest in ancient peoples and the origins of the Old Religion.


Gavin’s next position was with Canadair in Montreal, were initially he was to work on the Canadian missile program, but instead he joined their Training and Simulation group, a position that allowed him to travel around the world.  One trip took him to Chile were he had the opportunity to spend four days in a remote village exploring their religious belief’s and experiencing first-hand the powers of healing as practised by their shamans. 

After moving to California, Gavin next began work as the senior project engineer working on the military F-104 radar systems, another position that allowed him to travel.  On one a trip to Milan, Italy he was able to do some research into the truths and fiction that surrounds Charles G. Leland’s book “Aradia: Gospel of the Witches”.  

All his traveling and long hours at work was beginning to affect his marriage and family life, which by now included two children, a son and daughter.  In an attempt to ease his load and spend more quality time with them, he accepted a new position as a Company representative in Europe, and in 1966 moved his family to Munich in Germany.  While his hours at work were still high, what free time he had he failed to spend with his family.  Instead he became fascinated in the subject of German sorcery.  He joined a group of Zauberer’s (a German word for magician, sorcerer or wizard) operating in der Bayrischen Naehe just south of Munich and began studying for initiation.  After a grueling test of personal endurance, part of the initiation ritual, he qualified to receive and don their ‘Saffron Robe’.  

Returning to California in 1968, his marriage to Dorothy began to deteriorate.  While in German, Gavin had started to write his first book entitled:  Pagans of Stonehenge” and on his return to California, asked one of the company secretaries “Yvonne Wilson” to type and edit it.  It soon became apparent that they shared a mutual liking and similar interests in religion and spirituality; so it wasn’t long before they became lovers and together studied psychic development with a spiritualist teacher.  Yvonne also studied for and was initiated into a Celtic tradition.  In 1969, Gavin and Dorothy separated in a less than amicable divorced, and he and Yvonne moved to St. Louis, Missouri, to start a new life together.

Yvonne Frost

Yvonne Frost (nee Wilson) was born in 1931 in Los Angeles during the early years of the depression that was sweeping across America.  Just a few years earlier, her Baptist family and a large number of relatives had moved from the poverty stricken areas of the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky, only to suffer similar privations of the depression in Los Angeles.  From her early childhood as the eldest of four children, she quickly learned two valuable lessons in life, frugality and economy, “never expect what you cannot have in life, but embrace with joy every experience that enriches your life”.  This was an approach to life she never out grew.  

Struggling through her teen years, Yvonne had a hard time coming to terms with her Baptist up bringing; she never seemed to fit in, and so began to question her Baptist beliefs.  She then began an extensive study of comparative religions in search of something more acceptable.  She claims her family history includes two lines of witches that go back for generations, one to the Cumberland Gap in Kentucky, and the other to the Clan Gunn of Scotland. 

In 1950, Yvonne married for the first time to a military man, a marriage that lasted 10 years, part of which when he was stationed in Germany, she moved there to be with him.  At the end of their marriage in 1960, and with a need to better support herself, she started a course in Secretary Skills at Fullerton Junior College, Orange County, California.  After graduating in 1962 with an A.A. degree, she started a career as a secretary working for a major aerospace company in Anaheim, California. 

At that time Yvonne was still exploring alternative paths of spirituality.  First she tried Buddhism, but found it too passive to meet her spiritual needs.  She then became involved with Spiritualism and attended a number of séances.  Her spirit guide she claims was Dr. Alfred Russel Wallace (who together with Darwin, had developed the first theory of evolution). 

In 1968, after his return from Germany, Yvonne met Gavin Frost who worked for the same company as she.  Gavin turn out to be the boss of her own boss, and asked her to type and edit a book he was writing:  Pagans of Stonehenge”.  In doing so, Yvonne could see that some elements of witchcraft overlapped with her beliefs in spiritualism.  Given had similar interests, and so with a mutual liking they soon became lovers, and together started studying psychic development with a spiritualist teacher.  Yvonne also studied for and was initiated into a Celtic tradition.  After Gavin’s divorce to Dorothy in 1969, they moved together to St. Louis, Missouri, to start a new life together.



The Church and School of Wicca 

The Church and School of Wicca 

In St. Louis, Gavin took up a position as an international sales manager, which again involved much travelling around the world and time away from home.  After one such trip to Australia, his return flight on the 24th July 1969 was rescheduled so passengers could eye witness the re-entry of the Apollo space module containing Neil Armstrong, Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr., and Michael Allen Collins, the first astronauts to step out on the noon.  Gavin was naturally excited and couldn’t wait to tell Yvonne about it hoping to surprise her with the news. 

However Yvonne was unperturbed by his news, for she had her own news and a surprise waiting for him as she calmly stated:  My water broke this morning”.  Gavin was ecstatic as he witnessed Yvonne giving birth to a new baby daughter, they named her “Bronwyn”.  Gavin and Yvonne later legally married in 1970. 

In-between his trips, Gavin and Yvonne co-authored the first draft of “The Witch’s Bible”, but couldn’t find a publisher for it.  Undeterred, while Gavin was away, as Yvonne spent most of her time alone nursing Bronwyn, she began reorganizing the book into a series of lectures to be used as a correspondence course, and the “School of Wicca” was born.  They advertised the School in magazines all around the United States and soon gained a regular following of students. 

Gavin and Yvonne spent the next couple of years banging heads with bureaucracy and particularly the IRS as they sought legal recognition for the School as a Church and a non-profit organization.  In order to meet their requirements they had to define the philosophy of the church in keeping with the philosophies of other religions.  This they did by symbolising the five points of the pentagram within a circle: 

(1)  The Wiccan Rede – “If it harm none, do what you will”  

(2)  Power through knowledge  

(3)  The Law of Attraction and Threefold Return

(4)  Harmony with the Universe  

(5)  Reincarnation  

(6)  The circle representing Spirit and Deity 

Satisfied the IRS issued the Church of Wicca with a “Letter of Determination” on the 31st August 1972, making it just the second “Pagan” related Church to be legally recognised in America.  The first being the “Church of All Worlds” founded by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and Richard Lance Christie on the 07th April 1962, who after filling for tax incorporation in 1967, were formally chartered in 1968 and received a 501(c)(3) exemption from the IRS on the 18th June 1970.  Both these Churches did much to help redefine witchcraft as a bona-fide religion entitled to all the same benefits and representation as all other religions.  Since then many other Pagan related Churches have been chartered across the United States. 

In 1972, Gavin gave up his highfalutin life style and together with Yvonne; they took a vow of poverty and committed themselves to the full-time activities of the School and Church, while living and teaching the Craft as they perceive it.  They spent the next couple of years in Missouri restoring old buildings and raising pigs, and then in 1975 moved to New Bern in North California were they lived for some twenty years.  During this time they were active members of the North Carolina Prison Chaplains’ Commission and among other books, wrote the:  State of Oregon Prisoner’s Handbook for Wicca”. 

In 1980 they retired from active leadership of the Church but continued to be active as Clergy and retained control of the School through which they continue to teach.  Over time they developed some eight different correspondence courses on such subjects as:  Astrology, Celtic Witchcraft, Psychic Development, Tantric Yoga, Healing and Herbs among others, and these they continually updated to include new trends and wisdom.  Through the School they also published one of America’s longest lasting Wiccan periodicals called “Survival”, which today is edited by their daughter Bronwyn.  In 1996, Gavin and Yvonne moved to their present location in Hinton, West Virginia. 

Ever since they started the Frost’s have always been open about their beliefs, and despite much criticism from within the Craft and without, have steadfastly followed their own path.  Together they have appeared on national T.V. including:  the Phil Donahue Show, PM Magazine and Tom Snyder’s Tomorrow Show, as well as on hundreds of local T.V. and Radio shows, and in numerous newspaper and magazine articles across the country.  As sought after public speakers they have travelled up and down the United States, during which times they have been shot at and encountered numerous hostile demonstrations against them.  On two occasions they have even had bombs planted in the hotels where they were staying.  I had to wonder why??  

After further research, I have found that their original printing of the “The Witch’s Bible” (Nash Publishing, Los Angeles 1972), a book now difficult to get hold of, contained some extremely disturbing practices concerning the sexual initiation of a “Wicca Child” (i.e. children as young as ten years old).  Indeed I find it quite astonishing that two such highly intelligent and worldly-wise people should advocate and document so graphically such a controversial practice publicly (if it ever was practiced?).  Even baring in mind they wrote this book in 1972, at the height of the so-called “permissive society” explosion (the sexual revolution of the 1960’s); still, it is easy to see that what they wrote would be offensive to most people.  Even today many people reading it would find it equally offensive.  The “The Witch’s Bible” was re-issued as “The Good Witch’s Bible” (Parker Publishing, New Jersey 1976) with amendments.  Despite this, controversy about the book still rages. 

Throughout the 1980/90’s and into the new millennium 2000+, the Frosts continued serving the Pagan community and travelled widely across the United States attending such major events and festivals as:  Stones Rising, Sirius Rising, Pagan Pride Days and the ever popular Starwood Festival, as speakers and workshops presenters.  More recently they started making less public appearances at festivals, partly due to the continuing controversy over their book, resulting in fewer venues wanting them to present and other venues wishing to disassociate themselves.  Age as well was also beginning to affect Gavin, as stated in a recent interview with “The Wild Hunt blog site”:  We are getting older; travel is becoming more and more stressful.”  His daughter Jo agreed, saying that her father had been slowing down over the past four years

One of the few festivals they continued to attend in later years was Sirius Rising, a festival held at the Brushwood Folklore Center in New York State, and the Florida Pagan Gathering (FPG) event.  In addition to talks on topics ranging from Witchcraft to Grimoires and Astrology to Sacred geography, they were also well known for giving classes in ballroom dancing.  During his last visit to the FPG event in early 2016 Gavin had to be taken to the hospital.  For sometime he had been suffering with intestinal problems (Diverticulitis) and surgery was scheduled for late September, but his physical condition continued to deteriorate. 

On the 05th of September he was again rushed to the hospital and admitted to the ICU where Doctors discovered a tear in his intestine that was causing more damage, internal infection and severe pain.  His daughter Jo reported:  There are no words for his experience.  His nurses would cry because they felt so sorry for him and there was so little they could do besides manage his pain and try to rebuild his strength.  His body released him early [Sunday] morning allowing him to cross over and to be free of the pain.”  Gavin Frost passed into the Summerland on the 11th September 2016; he was 86 years old.  

Of their life together Yvonne can be quoted as saying:  We have made our life’s mission the teaching of those who seek help and healing.  We are fulfilled that by teaching them, they have been able to make their own lives and the lives of their loved ones more comfortable.  That knowledge makes all those years of struggling and developing our Craft awareness, well worthwhile.”   

May he rest in peace.




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First published on the 04th March 2007, up-dated on the 07th May 2017 © George Knowles



Best wishes and Blessed Be



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