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Oberon & Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart



Written and compiled by George Knowles


Oberon Zell-Ravenheart (also known as: Tim Zell, Otter G’Zell and Oberon Zell) is a Founding member of the Church of All Worlds and a leading figure in the American Neo-Pagan community.  A modern Renaissance man, he is a transpersonal psychologist, a naturalist, a metaphysician, a theologian, a shaman, an author, an artist, a sculptor, lecturer, teacher and ordained Priest of the Earth-Mother Gaia.  He is also an initiate in the Egyptian Church of the Eternal Source, a Priest in the Fellowship of Isis and has been initiated into several different traditions of Witchcraft.  Academically he holds degrees in sociology, anthropology, clinical psychology and theology.

Oberon started life as Timothy Zell and was born in St Louis, Missouri on the 30th November 1942.  His father Charles Zell was serving as a Marine in the South Pacific when he was born, and after his return from the War moved the family to Clark’s Summit a small town outside Scranton, Pennsylvania.  As a child Tim had a natural affinity with the creatures of nature and spent much of his time alone in the woods behind the family home.  There he would sit motionless and allow creatures to play undisturbed around him as he studied them.

This early attunement to nature and animals contributed to his emerging psychic abilities, including the gift of telepathy.  From an early age he could hear the thoughts of those around him, and as a consequence he shunned large crowds, the psychic confusion being too much to handle.  His early years where also fraught with childhood illnesses, these he claims erased and reprogrammed his mind several times.

During his teenage years, Tim’s father was promoted and moved the family to Crystal Lake, northwest of Chicago, Illinois.  With his affinity for nature, Tim took naturally to the lake and quickly learned to swim.  He would imagine himself to be an Otter, folding his arms by his sides and wriggling through the water in imitation; from this he gained the nickname “Otter Zell”.  He was introspective as a teenager, but read a wide range of literature, including various works of science fiction and fantasy.

Tim attended Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri from 1961-1965.  There, together with Richard Lance Christie, he founded the “Church of All Worlds” (CAW) on the 07th April 1962.  They were inspired by Robert A. Heinlein's 1961 science-fiction novel “Stranger in a Strange Land”, from which they founded the “Water Brotherhood” out of which they later created the Church of All Worlds.

In 1963, Tim married his first wife Martha, and fathered his first and only child, a son called Bryan.  His marriage to Martha ended in 1971.  After attending graduate school at Westminster College 1965-1968, Tim earned degrees in psychology, sociology and anthropology, a teaching certificate from Harris Teachers College, and a Doctor of Divinity degree from the Life Science College.  He also entered but did not complete a doctoral program in Clinical psychology at Washington University in St Louis.

During its early stages, Tim developed the Church of All Worlds to his own vision of religion, a connective system that joins one with time and space through the oneness of all things.  The church exists as a networking web of Nests and Proto-Nests made up of small groups similar in structure to that of a Witches coven.  Their philosophy is primarily based on Heinlein’s writings in his book “Stranger in a Strange Land”.  The main character in the book is an alien male, who together with a number of other men and women, form a network of intimate relationships called line marriages.  Over the years, many of the churches members have formed their own line marriages, including Tim himself.

The church doesn’t dictate the form or belief of a Nest, and each Nest acts autonomously in setting up there own rules, internal structure and aspirations.  A Nest can be a closed coven or open grove, and its focus can be traditional or eclectic.  Most Nests base themselves on Druidry, Ceremonial magic, Ecological activism, Wicca and or Witchcraft etc.  Nests and Proto-Nests are usually grouped together by Branches into Regions.

The Church filed for tax incorporation in 1967 and was formally chartered in 1968.  They finally received a 501(c)(3) exemption from the IRS on the 18th June 1970, becoming the first Pagan church to do so.  The Church grew quickly attracting a following of intellectuals and visionaries.

Tim was the first to apply the terms “Pagan” and “Neo-Pagan” to the newly emerging Nature religions of the 1960s, and through his publication of the award-winning Pagan magazine, “Green Egg” (1968-1976; 1988-1996), he was instrumental in coalescing and networking the newly emerging Neo-Pagan movement with other revivalist’s and environmental movements.  He made many speaker appearances at Pagan festivals and conventions, and often carried “Histah” his pet boa constrictor on his shoulders while he gave his address.  Histah he claims was a truly remarkable Familiar.

In 1970 after a profound visionary experience Tim formulated and published “Theagenesis”, the theology of deep ecology, which has since become known as “The Gaea Thesis”.  This thesis quickly spread around the Pagan community and was near universally adopted.  In this he predates a similar hypothesis written and published in 1974 by James Lovelock, called the “Gaia Hypothesis”, Lovelock’s version also gained wide popular support and public acceptance. 

In September of 1973, Tim was invited to be a keynote speaker and discuss his “Theagenesis” at the “Gnostic Aquarian Festival” in Minneapolis sponsored by Carl “Llewellyn” Weschcke.  It was here that he first met and recognized his long-standing soul mate, Morning Glory.  After the festival and without hesitation, Morning Glory accompanied Tim back to his home in St Louis. 


Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart



Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart is an American Pagan and Goddess historian; a principal in the Church of all Worlds founded by her husband Oberon Zell and a practitioner of Celtic Shamanism.  She has dedicated herself to working towards a pantheistic, ecology-conscious ‘Goddess’ living world.

Morning Glory was born Diana Moore in Long Beach, California on the 27th May 1948.  Her middle-class parents James and Polly Moore came from Mississippi, and moved to California during World War II where her father started work in an aircraft factory.  On her mother’s side, her family history can be traced back through three generations to her great-grandmother, a Choctaw Indian.  To avoid the privations of the Indian reservations and the subsequent forced evacuation from her homeland on the “Trail of Tears” (1838-1839), her great-grandmother married a white man.  On her father’s side, her grandmother was an Irish milkmaid who had immigrated to America during the Irish potato famine of 1845 to 1850, and married a wealthy Southern planter.

Her mother was a devout member of the Pentecostal Church who married young.  She came from a large family of 13 children and wanted a large family herself, however she was blessed with just one child, her daughter Diana.  She was a devoted mother who brought up her daughter up in a somewhat totalitarian Christian environment.  Diana’s grandfather Charles T. Bedell was a Methodist minister, and as a child she attended the Methodist church and would debate the bible with him.

By the age of 12, Diana became disenchanted with the churches attitude toward women.  Even at this early age she was acutely aware of her own femininity, and switched her allegiance to the Pentecostal church, only to find the same biases toward women who were considered subordinate to men and not accorded the same respect or positions in church society.  A budding feminist, by the age of 14 she broke with Christianity and began to study comparative religions.  After studying Buddhism and Zen Buddhism, she joined the Vedanta Society.

It was the Vedanta Society that first led Diana to Goddess worship and today she still maintains an altar to various Hindu Goddesses.  The most important being ‘Lakshmi’, the Hindu goddess of wealth and beauty, also the Dark Mother ‘Kali’, who in Hindu mythology is the goddess of destruction and death.  Her search of comparative religions also included Greek mythology, which in turn led her to Paganism and her namesake goddess ‘Diana’.  She recognized that the Goddess had entered her life as a vital force and therefore dedicated herself to becoming a Pagan.

After graduating from high school aged 18, Diana continued her studies into Paganism and during a three-week vigil at Big Sur in California; she initiated herself in to Witchcraft.  As part of her self-initiation she dived off a cliff into a pool of water, symbolic of a ritual baptism, and after emerging from the water dedicated herself a Witch by taking a magical name.  A year later Diana legally changed her name to Morning Glory.

After spending just one semester at community collage, Glory decided to drop out and follow her path in search of the Goddess.  She left California in 1968 and traveled to Eugene, Oregon, there to join a commune.  Along the way she picked up a hitchhiker called Gary and they joined the commune together.  Glory was an advocate of free love and open sexuality and together they maintained an open partnership.  A year later in 1969 Glory gave birth to a daughter who they named Rainbow Galadriel.  On later reflection Morning Glory thinks she should have named her “Storm” and so always referred to her as “Gale”.  Growing up with such famous parents however, all she wanted was to be ordinary and not stand out, and “Rainbow Galadriel” was just too pretentiously Hippie for her, so she herself prefers simply to be called “Gail”.

In 1971, Glory claims to have had a prophetic dream that she would soon meet a man who would change her life; she saw the man clearly in her dream and told Gary about it.  In addition to being a full-time mother, Glory started a part-time career as a writer, and soon became a noted authority and lecturer about the Goddess.  However, she also found herself more and more thrust into the position of and acting as an untrained Priestess for the commune.

In an effort to resolve this situation, in 1973 Glory travelled to Minneapolis for the Gnostica Aquarian Convention sponsored by Carl “Llewellyn” Weschcke, and there she hoped to meet and network with other Wiccans and arrange for the necessary training to become a qualified Priestess.  It was at the Convention that she first met Tim Zell, and heard his vision of the Earth as a living Goddess.  Glory knew she had just met the man of her dreams.  After the festival and without hesitation, Morning Glory accompanied Tim back to his home in St Louis.


Tim Zell and Morning Glory Zell



Glory having moved to St. Louis to be with Tim, began to study with the Church of All Worlds, travelling back and forth between Eugene and St. Louis and co-parenting her duties as a mother with Gary.  Six months after they met and during the Spring Gnosticon Festival back in Minneapolis, Tim and Glory were legally married on the 14th April 1974.  Their spectacular handfasting ceremony was officiated by Isaac Bonewits and Carolyn Clark.  Later that year Glory became a Priestess in the Church of All Worlds and co-editor with Tim of the churches Green Egg magazine.



Handfasting ceremony on the 14th April 1974


In 1976 the Zell’s left St. Louis and the central Nest of the Church of All Worlds.  They bought an old school bus and drove it to Illinois where they converted it into a mobile home.  Travelling throughout the West, they visited “Annwfn” in Mendocino County, California, a pagan retreat belonging to Gwydion Pendderwen, co-founder of the ‘Faery Tradition’ with Victor Anderson, and two other organizations co-founded with Alison Harlow:  ‘Nemeton’ a pagan networking group, and ‘Forever Forests’ a group dedicated to reforestation.  In 1978, both Nemeton and Forever Forests merged with the Church of All Worlds, Nemeton becoming their publishing arm, leaving Forever Forests free to concentrate on environment issues.

Tim and Glory then moved on to Eugene, Oregon, where Glory had previously stayed in a commune with Gary.  There at the local community college they taught classes on “Witchcraft, Shamanism and Third World Religions”, founded the “Coven of Ithil Duath” and became involved with the newly created “Covenant of the Goddess” (founded in California by such as Aidan Kelly and Ed Fitch among others, and incorporated as a non-profit religious organization in 1975).

In 1977, the Zell’s were invited to become caretakers of “Coeden Brith” (Welsh for “speckled forest”), a 5,600-acre piece of wilderness owned by Alison Harlow, and situated adjacent to ‘Annwfn’ in Mendocino County, California.  There they created a monastic homestead called Greenfield Ranch, raised wild animals, conducted training seminars, and ran the Church of All Worlds as the umbrella organization for several subsidiaries.  These now included the “Holy Order of Mother Earth”, founded with Alison Harlow for the purpose of establishing and maintaining the wildness sanctuary, and the “Ecosophical Research Association” founded by Morning Glory to fund their various projects, including:  the “Living Unicorn” project, a hunt for Mermaids off the coast of Papua New Guinea, and trips to Europe to study various sacred sites.  They were also active volunteers for “Critter Care”, a wildlife animal rescue organisation.

In 1979, the Zell’s conceived and promoted a huge eclipse gathering at the full-scale Stonehenge replica on the Columbia River Dalles.  This had been built at the precise point where two solar eclipse paths would cross, one in 1918 and the other on the 26th February 1979.  Over 4,000 people and Pagan luminaries gathered from all over the United States to attend the main ritual, written especially by the Zell’s. 

After the eclipse Tim started to use his nickname “Otter” and changed his surname to “G’Zell”, a contraction of ‘Glory and Zell’, and for a short time they became known as “Otter and Morning Glory G’Zell” before reverting back to their original surname “Zell”.

In 1980, Lancelot the first of the Zell’s living Unicorns was born, and for the next few years the Zells were occupied solely in travelling and promoting the Unicorns at Renaissance Festivals, County Fairs and Science-fiction Conventions throughout North America.  After countless television appearances, media interviews and feature articles in national magazines, in 1984 they signed a four-year contract with the Ringling Bros/Barnum & Bailey Circus to exhibit the Unicorns nationwide, thus making the animals famous worldwide.




Tim Zell and Morning Glory with Lancelot the first living Unicorn


The G’Zell’s had always maintained an open marriage and in 1984 they added a significant other partner “Diane Darling” to their line, which was later formalised in a triad handfasting in 1989.  In 1985, Alison Harlow asked the G’Zell’s to vacate the retreat at Coeden Brith and make way for other plans.  Together with their extended family and animals, the G’Zell’s moved to Ukiah in Oregan, where for the next 11 years they lived near a bend in the Russian River.  They called their new home “The Old Same Place”.  The family now consisted of:  Otter and his son Bryan, Morning Glory and her daughter Rainbow, Diane Darling and her son Zack, and a whole menagerie of animals including:  unicorns, snakes, cats, weasels, possums and a great horned owl called Archimedes.

After their move to “The Same Old Place”, the Zell’s resumed their public appearances and restarted giving lectures, workshops and classes.  They also founded Ukiah’s annual Town Festival, leading a paraded down Main Street each year in full Renaissance Fair regalia complete with a real Unicorn.  Funded by the Ecosophical Research Association in 1985, the Zell’s ventured on a diving expedition to New Guinea there to study the endangered Indo-Pacific dugong and its relationship to local native myths about Mermaids.

In 1987, the Zell’s opened their own short lived fantasy store called “Between the Worlds” and began to rejuvenate the Church of All Worlds, which by this time had shrunk to a mainly California base during their prolonged absence.  A year later at Beltane 1988, together with Morning Glory and Diane Darling as editors, Otter reproduced the Green Egg magazine and published it quarterly until 1996.  He was then retired to publisher emeritus.  To compliment the magazine, in 1989 they also produced a children’s supplement magazine call “Ham” (How about Magic?), edited by Zack Darling.  Over the years both magazines have won various awards.

Inspired by their travels to ancient sites in Europe, in 1990 the Zell’s conceived and created a reconstruction of the Greek Eleusinian Mysteries.  Since then the Church of All Worlds has performed it each year, each time initiating about 20 people.  In 1993 they followed it with a reconstruction of the Greek Panathenaia Festival performed at the Parthenon replica in Nashville, Tennessee, where stands a 42-foot statue of the Goddess Athena, the largest indoor statue in the Western world.

In 1994, Otter again changed his first name, this time to “Oberon” after playing the role of Hades - ‘Lord of the Underworld’ in that year’s Eleusinia festival.  Oberon assumed his new name after a ritual baptism in the river near their home.  That same year his relationship with Diane Darling came to an end, and Oberon started a long-distance relationship with Liza Gabriel, a visionary living on the East Coast of America.  At about the same time Morning Glory was beginning a distant courtship with Wolf Dean Stiles, a Pagan from Texas.  Shortly after their meeting, Wolf and Oberon also formed a bond and in 1995 Wolf moved to California where the three of them handfasted in 1996.  Later in 1996, Wynter Rose joined Morning Glory as her long awaited apprentice and co-wife with Wolf, and finally Liza moved from the East Coast to join with Oberon making the family complete.

Oberon for many years has worked as a freelance graphic artist, and his fantasy and science fiction illustrations have appeared in many popular books including:  Anodea Judith’s “Wheels of Life” and Marion Zimmer Bradley’s science-fiction series.  His images have appeared in magazines and on record albums since the 1960’s.  He has also created a series of God and Goddess altar posters and his T-shirt designs can still be seen worn at Pagan gatherings and environmental conventions.

Oberon is an accomplished author of numerous academic articles, his subject matter covering:  history, theology, magic, shamanism, mythology, archaeology, cosmology, and other related topics.  He has been interviewed by news media and authors alike, and quoted extensively in many books on New Age religion, Paganism and the occult.  In the early 1980’s Oberon started on his favourite and ongoing art project sculpting a series of Gods and Goddesses figures, and legendary mythological creatures to add to their collection.  His masterpiece work is ‘The Millennial Gaia’, which is based on his 1970 ‘s “Theagenesis” vision.



The Millennial Gaia, a sculpture by Oberon Zell-Ravenheart


Morning Glory also writes fantasy stories, several of which have been published in Marion Zimmer Bradley’s “Swords and Sorceresses” anthologies, and as a poet, she has appeared in many magical and feminist journals.  Morning Glory is perhaps best known for her presentations and lectures about the Goddess, and her ever-growing collection of over 200 votive figures from around the world.  In 1990 together with Oberon, they created “Mythic Images”, a company producing beautiful and authentic museum quality replicas of ancient Gods and Goddesses sculpted by Oberon.  The company has now evolved into a family business called “TheaGenesis LLC”.

In December of 1996, the Zell’s with their new partners all moved into a large rented house on 94 acres of land outside Laytonville, California, and where they all took up the family name “Zell-Ravenheart”.  They lived there until the property was sold in 1999, then relocated closer to San Francisco in Sonoma County, California.  Since then the Zell-Ravenheart’s have been actively supporting the Polyamory movement.

Polyamory is a term first coined by Morning Glory in her article “A Bouquet of Lovers”, originally published in the Green Egg magazine (May 1990).  This was a germinal work in what has since evolved into a growing movement, and describes the lifestyles of multiple lovers and active line marriages similar to her own.  It has since been reprinted in an anthology on polyamory called “Love Without Limits”, edited by Deborah Anapol.  In 2000 the Zell-Ravenheart’s were featured in an A&E documentary series called:  The Love Chronicles:  Love in the ‘60’s”.


The Grey School of Wizardry



Omnia vivunt, omnia inter se conexa

(Everything is alive; everything is interconnected-Cicero)


Oberon’s latest visionary project is the “Grey School of Wizardry”.  After the initial release and success of the children’s fantasy book series “Harry Potter” by J. K. Rowling (started in 1997), Oberon saw the need for a real book of Occult knowledge aimed at teenage children and written by a real Wizard.  With this idea in mind, in 2003 he began contacting his many friends in the Pagan/Magick community and with their help wrote and compiled the “Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard” (published by New Page Books in 2004).

Those who contributed to the book are some of today’s most respected Elders and teachers of Wisecraft, many being acknowledged experts in their own specialized fields of Magick, Lore and all things Wizardly.  They include such luminaries as:  Raymond Buckland, Jesse Wolf Hardin, Jeff ”Magnus” McBride, Katlyn Breene, Patricia Telesco, Raven Grimassi, Donald Michael Kraig, Nelson White, Ellen Evert Hopman, Fred Lamond, Todd Karr, Luc Sala, Nybor (Jim Odbert), Abby Willowroot, Ian “Lurking Bear” Anderson, Lady Pythia, Amber K, and of course his own wife - Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart.

When the “Grimoire” was published and hit the bookshelves in 2004, it immediately became a number one best seller.  Its appeal was not just with children however, for adults and magickal groups around the world also adopted it as a base level training manual.  Two years later Oberon followed it with a sequel called the “Companion for the Apprentice Wizard” (New Page Books, 2006).  This is a practical “how to do” workbook focused mainly on the lessons given in the Grimoire and to be used in conjunction with it.

After the success of the Grimoire and inspired because of it, Oberon also launched the “Grey School of Wizardry (GSW).  This is an on-line “Mystery School for Wizards” utilising the teachings of the Grimoire and Companion as its base foundation and core curriculum textbooks.  On the 14th March 2004 the GSW was given legal incorporation as a 501(C)(3) tax exempt non-profit educational institution operating in the State of California.

The School is govened by the “Grey Council”, which includes many of the same luminaries who had helped in the compilation of the original Grimoire.  Led by Oberon as its Headmaster and Morning Glory as Headmistress, the School has a faculty of over 40 highly-qualified teachers working through 16 Departments.  Each department has its own Dean, Professors, Instructors and guest Lecturers who provide over 300 courses and classes.

Aimed primarily at students aged 11-17, but now including adults of all ages, basic core subjects cover:  history, mythology, geography, mathematics, literature, natural history, astronomy, chemistry, physics, zoology, botany and Latin.  The performing arts are also catered for with classes in poetry, music, theater and illusion, all of which draw upon the rich store of knowledge readily available in the magickal community.  New courses and classes are continually being added.

The GSW is a non-religious institution and entirely non-discriminatory, it accepts members and students from all around the world regardless of class, race, colour, gender or religious inclination.  The School teaches magickal knowledge, not religion, which is a distinction of Wizardry in contrast to Paganism, Wicca and other magickal traditions that promote religious philosophy.  However, a number of classes do incorporate mythology and comparative religions into their teachings.

Aside from its academic focus, GSW students and faculty teachers provide a thriving interactive magickal community.  Clubs are available to students who wish to delve deeper into specific areas of interest.  Special forums provide everything from online Bardic Circles, Healing, Psychic Defence and School Challenges, to the latest edition of “Whispering Grey Matters”, the Schools own student-produced newspaper.  In addition, Regional outdoor summer camps called “Conclaves” are organised bring local students and faculty teachers together for reality week-long training courses including workshops, hikes, campfires and more.

Oberon’s long-range vision for the GSW is to make available the Wisdom of the Ages for a new generation in a new Millennium.  Starting at Apprentice-level with a seven-year academic curriculum, students can Graduate as certified “Journeyman Wizards”.  As the School develops, this will later be followed by a 4-year College-level program in advanced studies culminating in a Master’s Degree.  Also in the long term, Oberon has hopes for a physical bricks-and-mortar campus or retreat centre with residential facilities for both students and teachers.

Further information about the Grey School of Wizardry including application forms and tuition fee’s etc. go to:



Health Concerns

The last few years have sadly been rough times for both Oberon and Morning Glory, for while outwardly they both maintain busy public schedules, each has suffered very serious health problems. 

In 2006 after slipping on the stairs at their home in Sonoma County, California, Morning Glory hurt her back and in terrible pain was rushed into hospital.  At first doctors were nonplused and could not determine the extent of her injuries, but after a lengthy process of tests and scans, she was finally diagnosed with a fractured vertebrae in the spine column, but this with added complications.  A malignant tumour was also found and diagnosed as multiple myeloma.  

Myeloma or multiple myeloma is a malignant disease of the bone marrow that usually occurs in older people.  Its symptoms include fatigue, severe bone pain and backache.  It can cause anemia, vertebral collapse; blood clotting problems and damage to the eyes and internal organs.  The good news is that the disease is a treatable, but sadly it still remains an incurable disease.  It can be sent into remission if treated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and patients can live for many years thereafter so long as they are careful and mindful of their treatments.  I can confirm that after months of suffering such treatments, Morning Glory “fought the fight” and has succeeded, her life continues on. 

If that was not traumatic enough, on the 13th August 2008, Oberon paid a visit to his doctor for his annual health check.  During a routine colonoscopy they found a golf-ball sized growth attached to his colon.  After further tests this was found to be a cancerous tumor.  Surgery was scheduled for the 29th August, and a procedure called a “laparotomy” was performed to remove tumor.  Oberon then had to undertake a six-month course of chemotherapy, during which he continued his busy writing schedule at home but necessarily had to reduce his travel and public appearance commitments.By April 2009 Oberon was declared clear of cancer but still requir

ed more surgery, this to repair a hernia which had formed at the cancer surgery incision site.  Oberon tells me his hernia surgery was also successful and states:  --they reinforced my belly with a Kevlar insert, so I'm now bullet-proof!” 

For the next few years both Oberon and Morning Glory remained in relative good health, until earlier in 2014 when Morning Glory suffered a near fatal relapse. She was rushed into hospital where after numerous blood transfusion and associated treatments, doctors were able to bring her back from the brink. 

Over the next couple of months Morning Glory was mostly bedridden and underwent a punishing schedule of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but knowing her time was near and having heard the voice of her Goddesses calling, she called for a stop of her treatment wishing only to return home and spend her last moments with her lifelong mate Oberon and their extended family and friends. Sadly at 5:42 on the 13th May 2014 at their home “Raven Haven”, with Oberon at her side and surrounded by family and friends, she accepted the call of the Goddess and passed into the “Elysian Fields” to find her.


Rest in peace Morning Glory, may you find what you seek.


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In February 2014, Oberon and Morning Glory also published an autobiography about their lives, written with co-author John C. Sulak and entitled “The Wizard and the Witch: Seven Decades of Counterculture, Magick & Paganism.




My grateful thanks to both Oberon and Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart for their added personal information.




The Encyclopedia of Wicca & Witchcraft  - By Raven Grimassi

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Plus to many other websites to mention.


First published on the 04 March 2007  -  up-dated 29 November 2016 © George Knowles



Best wishes and Blessed Be



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Animals in Witchcraft (The Witches Familiar and Totem Animals) /  AntelopeBatsCrow Fox Frog and Toads Goat / HoneybeeKangarooLion OwlPhoenix Rabbits and HaresRaven Robin RedbreastSheep Spider SquirrelSwansUnicornWild Boar Wolf /  Serpent /  Pig /  Stag /  Horse /  Mouse /  Cat /  Rats /  Unicorn




In Worship of Trees - Myths, Lore and the Celtic Tree Calendar.  For descriptions and correspondences of the thirteen sacred trees of Wicca/Witchcraft see the following:  Birch /  Rowan / Ash /  Alder /  Willow Hawthorn /  Oak /  Holly /  Hazel /  Vine /  Ivy /  Reed /  Elder


Sacred Sites:


Mystical Sacred Sites  -  Stonehenge /  Glastonbury Tor /  Malta - The Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni /  Avebury /  Cerne Abbas - The Chalk Giant /  Ireland - Newgrange /


Rocks and Stones:


Stones - History, Myths and Lore


Articles contributed by Patricia Jean Martin:


Apophyllite  / Amber Amethyst Aquamarine Aragonite Aventurine Black Tourmaline Bloodstone Calcite Carnelian Celestite Citrine Chrysanthemum StoneDiamond  /  Emerald / Fluorite Garnet /  Hematite Herkimer Diamond Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Malachite Moonstone Obsidian Opal Pyrite Quartz (Rock Crystal) Rose Quartz Ruby Selenite Seraphinite  /  Silver and GoldSmoky QuartzSodalite Sunstone ThundereggTree AgateZebra Marble


Wisdom and Inspiration:


Knowledge vs Wisdom by Ardriana Cahill I Talk to the TreesAwakening The Witch in YouA Tale of the Woods I have a Dream by Martin Luther King /


Articles and Stories about Witchcraft:


Murdered by Witchcraft The Fairy Witch of Clonmel A Battleship, U-boat, and a Witch The Troll-Tear (A story for Children) /  Goody Hawkins - The Wise Goodwife /  The Story of Jack-O-Lantern The Murder of the Hammersmith Ghost Josephine Gray (The Infamous Black Widow) /  The Two Brothers - Light and Dark


Old Masters of Academia:

(Our Ancestors)


Pliny the ElderHesiodPythagorasParacelsus /  Abramelin the Mage Archimedes AgrippaSocrates  /  AristotleAlbertus Magnus - “Albert the Great” /  



A "Who's Who" of Witches, Pagans and other associated People

(Ancient, Past and Present)


Remembered at Samhain

(Departed Pagan Pioneers, Founders, Elders and Others)


Pagan Pioneers:  Founders, Elders, Leaders and Others


Aidan A KellyAleister Crowley - “The Great Beast” /  Alex Sanders - “King of the Witches” /  Alison Harlow /   Allan Bennett - the Ven. Ananda MetteyyaAllan Kardec (Spiritism) /  Alphonsus de SpinaAmber KAnn Moura /  Anna FranklinAnodea JudithAnton Szandor LaVey /  Arnold CrowtherArthur Edward Waite /  Austin Osman SpareBalthasar Bekker /  Biddy EarlyBarbara Vickers /  Bridget Cleary - The Fairy Witch of Clonmel /  Carl " Llewellyn" Weschcke Cecil Hugh WilliamsonCharles Godfrey Leland /   Charles WaltonChristopher PenczakChristina Oakley Harrington Cornelius Loos /  Damh the Bard - "Dave Smith" /  Dion Fortune /  Dolores Aschroft-NowickiDonald Michael Kraig Doreen ValienteDorothy MorrisonDr. John Dee & Edward Kelly /  Dr. Leo Louis Martello /  Edain McCoy /  Edward FitchEleanor Ray Bone - “Matriarch of British Witchcraft” Eliphas Levi /  Ernest Thompson Seton /  Ernest Westlake /  Fiona Horne /   Frederick McLaren Adams - Feraferia Friedrich von Spee /  Francis Barrett /  Gavin and Yvonne Frost and the School and Church of Wicca /  Gerald B. Gardner - The father of contemporary Witchcraft /  Gwydion Pendderwen Hans HolzerHelen DuncanHermann Löher /  Herman Slater - Horrible Herman /  Heinrich KramerIdries ShahIsaac Bonewits Israel RegardieIvo Domínguez Jr. /  Jack Whiteside Parsons - Rocket Science and Magick /  James "Cunning" Murrell - The Master of Witches /  Janet Farrar and Gavin BoneJean Bodin Jessie Wicker Bell - “Lady Sheba” / Johann Weyer  / Johannes Junius - "The Burgomaster of Bamberg" /   Johann Georg Fuchs von Dornheim  -  the “Hexenbrenner” (witch burner) /  John Belham-Payne John George Hohman - "Pow-wow" /  John Gerard /  John Gordon Hargrave and the Kibbo Kith Kindred /  John Michael Greer /  John Score /  Joseph “Bearwalker” Wilson /  Joseph John Campbell /  Karl von Eckartshausen Lady Gwen Thompson - and "The Rede of the Wiccae" /  Lambert Daneau /  Laurie Cabot  - "the Official Witch of Salem" /  Lewis SpenceLodovico Maria Sinistrari Ludwig LavaterMadeline Montalban and the Order of the Morning Star /  Margaret Alice MurrayMargot AdlerMichael Howard and the UK "Cauldron Magazine" /  Margaret St. Clair - the “Sign of the Labrys” /  Marie Laveau - " the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans" /  Marion WeinsteinMartin Antoine Del Rio Matthew Hopkins - “The Witch-Finder General” /  Michael A. Aquino - and The Temple of Set /  Monique WilsonMontague Summers /  Nicholas CulpeperNicholas RemyM. R. SellarsMrs. Maud Grieve - "A Modern Herbal" /  Oberon Zell-Ravenheart and Morning GloryOld Dorothy Clutterbuck /  Old George PickingillOlivia Durdin-Robertson - co-founder of the Fellowship of Isis /  Paddy SladePamela Colman-SmithPatricia CrowtherPatricia Monaghan /  Patricia “Trish” TelescoPaul Foster Case and the “Builders of the Adytum” mystery school /  Peter Binsfeld /  Philip HeseltonRaven GrimassiRaymond Buckland /  Reginald Scot /  Richard BaxterRobert CochraneRobert ‘von Ranke’ Graves and the "The White Goddess" /  Rosaleen Norton - “The Witch of Kings Cross” /  Rossell Hope Robbins /   Ross Nichols and the " Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids" (OBOD) /  Rudolf SteinerSabrina Underwood - "The Ink Witch" /  Scott CunninghamSelena Fox - founder of "Circle Sanctuary" /  Silver RavenwolfSir Francis Dashwood /  Sir James George Frazer and the " The Golden Bough"S.L. MacGregor Mathers and the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” /  Starhawk /  Stewart Farrar /  Sybil LeekTed Andrews The Mather Family - (includes:  Richard Mather, Increase Mather and Cotton Mather ) /   Thomas AdyT. Thorn CoyleVera ChapmanVictor & Cora Anderson and the " Feri Tradition" /  Vivianne CrowleyWalter Brown GibsonWalter Ernest ButlerWilliam Butler YeatsZsuzsanna Budapest /  



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