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Pagan Pioneers:  Founders, Elders, Leaders and Others

Paul Foster Case

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Written and compiled by George Knowles

Paul Foster Case was an American occultist and author of numerous books on Occult Tarot and Qabalah.  Perhaps his greatest contributions to the field of occultism were the lessons he wrote for associate members of the “Builders of the Adytum” (B.O.T.A.), a mystery school he founded in 1922.  The Knowledge Lectures given to initiate members of B.O.T.A.’s Chapters were equally profound, although limited distribution has made them less well known.

Paul Foster Case was born in Fairport, New York on the 03rd October 1884.  His father was the town librarian and a Deacon at the local Congregational church.  When he was five years old, his mother began teaching him to play the piano and organ, and later in his youth he performed as the organist in his family’s church.  A talented musician, he embarked on a successful career as a violinist and orchestra conductor.

Career as a musician

Case was early on attracted to the occult.  While still a child he reported experiences that today are called lucid dreaming.  He corresponded about these experiences with the author Rudyard Kipling who encouraged him as to the validity of his paranormal pursuits.

Rudyard Kipling circa 1895

In 1900, Case met the occultist Claude Bragdon while both were performing at a charity performance.  Bragdon asked Case what he thought the origin of playing cards was.  After pursuing the question in his father’s library, Case discovered they were closely linked to the history of Tarot cards, and so began what was to become a lifelong study of the tarot, eventually leading to the creation of the B.O.T.A. Tarot deck.  The original B.O.T.A. deck was drawn and illustrated by artist Jessie Burns Parke under supervision of Case to accompany his booklet The Highlights of Tarot published in 1931, and is a “corrected” version of the popular Rider-Waite deck, originally drawn and illustrated by artist Pamela Colman-Smith under direction of Arthur Edward Waite of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn (first published in December 1909).


New line art cards  -  A B.O.T.A. members self-coloured cards

All B.O.T.A. tarot decks are line art only and the process of colouring in your own deck includes quiet meditation time invested in cementing into your mind the importance of metaphysical colour theory.  This is a unique and special way of bonding with your cards and your interpretation of their meaning.

Between 1905 and 1908 (aged 20–24), Case began practicing yoga, and in particular pranayama, which he self-taught from what published sources were then available.  His early experiences appear to have caused him some mental and emotional difficulties and left him with a lifelong concern that so called “occult” practices should only be undertaken after proper guidance and training.

In the summer of 1907, Case read The Secret of Mental Magic by William W. Atkinson (aka Theron Q. Dumont or Yogi Ramacharaka), an American pioneer of the “New Thought” movement with whom he began to correspond.  Many people have speculated that Case and Atkinson were two of the three anonymous authors of The Kybalion, an influential philosophical text, although the introduction to an edition of The Kybalion released in 2011 has presented considerable evidence for Atkinson as the book’s lone author.

William W. Atkinson

In 1909 Case reported a meeting on the streets of Chicago that was to change the course of his life.  A prominent Chicago physician approached him and greeting him by name, claimed to have a message from a “Master of Wisdom.”  He also claimed “he is my teacher as well as yours.”  The stranger said that Case was being offered a choice.  He could continue with his successful musical career and live comfortably, or he could dedicate himself to “serving humanity” thereby playing a role in the coming age.  From that time on, Case began to study and formulate the lessons that would serve as the core curricula of the Builders of the Adytum, his school of Occult tarot study and Qabalah later founded later in 1922.

In 1916 Case published a groundbreaking series of articles in the popular occult magazine The Word.  Entitled The Secret Doctrine of the Tarot, the series give details of the 22 mayor tarot Keys (trumps cards).  The articles attracted wide notice in the occult community for organizing and clarifying what had before been confusing and scattered threads of hidden occult knowledge illustrated and illuminated by the tarot.

Extract from the magazine:

The Secret Doctrine of The Tarot.

By Paul F. Case.

Chapter 1.

THE Tarot is a pack of cards of unknown origin, which has been in circulation throughout Europe for at least five centuries, and perhaps much longer.  In the tap-rooms of village inns here and there on the Continent it is still shuffled and dealt in quaint old games long since forgotten by the rest of the world.  Fortune-tellers also hold it in high esteem, from Gypsies who read the cards for a shilling, to professors of occult arts whose fees are in keeping with their elaborate establishments and ex-pensive advertising.

Gambling and cartomancy, however, are but husks hid-ing the kernel of the Tarot's true meaning.  What makes it so interesting and valuable to occultists is the fact that it is a book, written in the language of numerical and pictorial symbolism.  It teaches the principles of that hidden wisdom, older than history, which the sages of each generation have handed down to those coming after them who were duly and truly prepared to receive it.

This doctrine was taught in the temple-schools of India, Persia, and Egypt; has been dramatized in the mysteries of Greece, in the Roman Catholic Mass, and in the rituals of Freemasonry; is veiled by innumerable sacred allegories and parables, concealed in creeds, and obscured by the dogmas of theologians; and it will always be, through all changes in its manner of presentation, the living spirit of truth behind the letter of exoteric religion and philosophy.


In 1918, Case met with Michael James Whitty the editor of the occult magazine Azoth.  Whitty at the time was serving as the Cancellarius (Treasurer/Office Manager) for the Thoth-Hermes Lodge of the Alpha et Omega (A.O.).  The A.O. was a group formed by S. L. MacGregor Mathers in 1906 after the demise of the original Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in 1903.  Whitty invited Case to join the Chicago branch of the Thoth-Hermes lodge, which was the direct American lodge under the A.O. mother lodge in Paris.  Case did and quickly moved up through the initiations in the Rosicrucian Grades.  Case’s aspiration name in the A.O. was Perseverantia (Perseverance).


Michael James Whitty  -  S. L. MacGregor Mathers

In 1919 Whitty republished Case’s attribution of the Tarot keys (with corrections) in Azoth, and that same year Case became Sub-Praemonstrator (Assistant Chief-Instructor) at the Thoth-Hermes Lodge.  Also during that year he finished a set of articles on the Mystical Rosicrucian Origins of Faust, again published by Whitty.  The following year he began to correspond with Dr. John William Brodie-Innes (Fr. Sub Spe).

Extract from the magazine:

An Introduction to the Study of the Tarot

By Paul F. Case

No very extensive knowledge of occult mathematics is re­quired by beginners in Tarot-study.  All that is absolutely neces­sary may be stated in a few paragraphs.  It is developed from the Kabalistic doctrine of a ten-fold emanation from the Absolute.  The Absolute is Ain Suph, No Limit.  From Kapila and the Bhavagad-Gita to Spinoza and Sir William Hamilton, philoso­phers always describe it by negatives.  Boehme, for example, says:  “It may fitly be compared to Nothing, for it is deeper than anything, and is as nothing with respect to all things.”  The idea of depth emphasized by Boehme echoes Lao-tze, who calls the Ab­solute “the Mother-deep.”  This feminine aspect of the Absolute is recognized by all deep thinkers, for that in which lies the poten­tiality of all things must be as truly Mother as Father.  This feminine potency is represented by the zero-sign, 0, a circle or oval, symbol of the Great Mother and of the egg of the universe.  The changeless 0, which cannot be added to, subtracted from, multi­plied, nor divided, is a perfect numerical symbol for Ain Suph. In the major trumps of the Tarot it is represented by The Fool.  


Between 1919 and 1920, Case and Michael Whitty collaborated in the development of the text that would later be published as The Book of Tokens.  This book was written as a received text, whether through meditation, automatic writing, or some other occult means.  It later surfaced that Master R. was believed to be the source (In Theosophical terms, Master R commonly refers to St. Germain as the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom, one of the Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters).

On the 16th May 1920 Case was initiated into Alpha et Omega’s Second Order, and three weeks later was named as the Third Adept.  Sadly in December that same year Michael Whitty died.  Case believed Whitty’s health problems were attributable to the dangers that arise or may arise from the practice of Enochian magic.  He later corresponded with Israel Regardie about those concerns.

Israel Regardie

Because of his quick advancement through the Grades of the Order, Case may have sparked some jealousy among the other Adepts.  Moreover, others may have thought some of his teachings inappropriate.  On the 18th July 1921, Moina Mathers (wife of S. L. MacGregor Mathers) wrote to Case regarding complaints she had received regarding some of his teachings.  Apparently Case had begun discussing the topic of sex magic, which at the time had no official place in the Order’s curriculum.  Since no knowledge lectures exist on the subject, whether sex practices were ever taught in the Golden Dawn has been a long-standing question.  In her correspondence with Case, Moina wrote:  “I have seen the results of this superficial sex teaching in several Occult Societies as well as in individual cases.  I have never met with one happy result.”

But to Case sexuality became an increasingly important subject.  In his Book of Tokens, a collection of inspired meditations on the 22 Tarot Keys of the Major Arcana, Case comments on the sex function:  “You must wholly alter your conception of sex in order to comprehend the Ancient Wisdom.  It is the interior nervous organism, not the external organs, that is always meant in phallic symbolism, and the force that works through these interior centres is the Great Magical Agent, the divine serpent fire.”  In his works, The True and Invisible Rosicrucian Order and The Masonic Letter G, he writes of certain practices involving the redirection of the sexual force to the higher centres of the brain where experience of super-sensory states of consciousness becomes possible.

Some members also complained about a personal relationship between Case and a soror Lilli Geise.  Case confessed the matter to Moina:  “The Hierophantria and I were observed to exchange significant glances over the altar during the Mystic Repast... My conscience acquits me... Our relation to each other we submit to no other Judge than that Lord of Love and Justice whom we all adore.”  Later Case married Lilli Geise, but she died just a few years later on the 09th May 1924.

Lilli Geise 

 Before their marriage Lilli Geise had been an astrologer, a leader of the A.O. in New York and a co-founder of the A.O. in Philadelphia.  After their marriage she was one of the first 5 students of B.O.T.A.

Perhaps Moina’s correspondence also touched a sensitive area for Case.  In her 18th July letter she tells Case:  “You evidently have reached a point in your mystical Way where there would appear to exist certain cross-roads.  The artist in you, which I recognize, and with whom I deeply sympathize, would probably choose to learn the Truth through the joy and beauty of physical life.”  She continued, “You who have studied the Pantheons, do you know of that enchanting God, the Celtic Angus, the Ever Young?  He who is sometimes called Lord of the Land of Heart's Desire?” Angus rescued Etain, the Moon, who had been turned into a golden fly.  But Etain had to choose between bodily existence in the land of mortals and everlasting life.  She continued still, “The artist in us may have lingered in that land for a moment.  But you and I who would be teachers and pioneers in this Purgatorial World must be prepared before all the Gods to be the servants of the greatest of them all... the Osiris, the Christ, the God of the Sacrifice of the Self.”  Moina then asked Case to resign from his position as Praemonstrator.

Case resigned as Praemonstrator and responded to Moina stating:  “I have no desire to be a ‘teacher and pioneer in this Purgatorial World.’  Guidance seems to have removed me from the high place to which I have never really aspired.  The relief is great.”  Apparently Case had already begun work on establishing a Mystery School of his own—the School of Ageless Wisdom, which later became the Builders Of The Adytum.

Moina Mathers

After Case left Alpha et Omega, he vigorously pursued the organization of his own Mystery School.  In the summer of 1922, Case put his first efforts together preparing a comprehensive correspondence course.  In one year it covered what the B.O.T.A. presently cover in over five years.  He called the course The Ageless Wisdom, and it covered just about the whole of Hermeticism.  By 1923 Case formed The School of Ageless Wisdom, probably in Boston.

Within a few years he moved to Los Angeles, abandoning once and for all his career as a musician, and established the “Builders of the Adytum” B.O.T.A. as a Mystery School in its own right, which is still in existence today.  Over the next three decades, Case organized the curriculum of correspondence lessons covering practically the whole corpus of what is called the Western Mystery Tradition, which included:  Occult tarot studies, Qabalah and Hermetic Alchemy.

As busy as he was establishing the B.O.T.A. Mystery School in Los Angeles, Case was also a practising Freemason and over time was affiliated with a number of Masonic lodges:  the Fairport Lodge No. 476, Fairport, New York in 1926, the Hollenbeck Lodge No. 319, Los Angeles in 1944 and the Eagle Rock Lodge No. 422, Los Angeles in 1953.  Case was also a member of the Liberal Catholic Church, and in 1937 was ordained a priest by Bishop Charles Hampton in Ojai, California, from where he served parishes throughout the southern California area.

That same year in the March 1937 issue of the Wheel of Life magazine, Case described B.O.T.A.’s relationship to the Golden Dawn, and his views on the Golden Dawn’s use of Enochian material.  “B.O.T.A. is a direct off-shoot of the Golden Dawn, but its work has been purged of all the dangerous and dubious magic incorporated into the Golden Dawn’s curriculum by the late S.L. MacGregor Mathers, who was responsible for the inclusion of the ceremonials based on the scrying of Sir Edward Kelly.  There is much in these Golden Dawn rituals and ceremonies that is of the greatest value; but from the first grade to the last it is all vitiated by these dangerous elements taken from Dee and Kelly.  Furthermore, in many places, the practical working is not provided with adequate safeguards, so that, to the present writer’s personal knowledge, an operator working with the Golden Dawn [Enochian] rituals runs very grave risks of breaking down his physical organism, or of obsession by evil entities.”

In 1943 Case married his second wife Harriet Bullock Case who became an active member of B.O.T.A. (Builders of the Adytum).  She had previously studied at the Arcane School founded in New York in 1923 by the well known Theosophist Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey.  Harriet helped and supported the famous theosophical writer in her work as a secretary.  After her marrigae to Case, she contributed much to the financing of B.O.T.A’s first temple in Los Angeles and helped him expand his circles.  Later she also collaborated with her husband and Ann Davies to transcribe the teachings of a “Master of the Inner School.”

Harriet Bullock Case (1893 - 1972)

It was also in 1943 that Case was introduced to Ann Davies after she had visited one of his classes with her sister.  Later, Ann and her small daughter Bonnie moved into the Cases’ house where they helped by fixing meals, mimeographing lessons, etc.  Davies became one of Case’s biggest supporters and after his death in 1954 succeeded him as Prolocutor General of B.O.T.A. a position she served until her own death in 1975.  During her tenure as Prolocutor General she expanded the curriculum of the school by amplifying and reworking Case’s course on Esoteric Astrology, and by authoring and adding other courses on Developing Super-Sensory Powers, Sexual Polarity, Meditational Ascent of the Tree of Livingness, and the Qabalistic Doctrines of Rebirth.

Ann Davies (28th October 1912 - 09th June 9 1975)

Paul Foster Case died while vacationing in Mexico with his second wife, Harriet.  According to an American Foreign Service “Report Of The Death Of An American” dated 05th March 1954, Case was cremated in Mexico and his ashes given to his wife, Harriet Bullock Case. Upon returning home to Los Angeles, California, Harriet had his ashes interred in the “Haven of Peace Plot” (Map 1, Lot 16, Space 4) at the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California.  His wife Harriet Bullock Case died on 24th March 1972 in Los Angeles and was interred next to Paul Foster Case in Space 5.  Ann Davies married Jacob Fuss on the 18th December 1965 and following her death on the 09th June 1975, was also interred in the “Haven of Peace Plot” (Map 1, Lot 16, Space 1).

May they all rest in peace.



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The Book of Tokens (1934)

The Great Seal of the United States (1935)

Progressive Rotascope (1936)

Tarot Fundamentals 4 volumes (1936)

Tarot Interpretations 4 volumes (1936)

The Open Door (1938)

The Tarot: A Key to the Wisdom of the Ages (1947)

Daniel, Master of Magicians

The Masonic Letter G

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Courses published in book form

Occult Fundamentals and Spiritual Unfoldment.  Vol. 1:  The Early Writings.  (no location given):  Fraternity of the Hidden Light (2008)

Esoteric Secrets of Meditation and Magic.  Vol. 2:  The Early Writings.  (no location given):  Fraternity of the Hidden Light (2008)

Biographical Book on Paul Foster Case

Paul Foster Case - His Life and Works by Clark, P. (Covina CA): Fraternity of the Hidden Light (2013)


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